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C’est parti à Toronto, Pascale est en train d’installer l’oeuvre:

In Our Atrium: Contemporary Art at the BSM
October 1st – December 6th, 2015
Included with Museum admission

The Bata Shoe Museum has partnered with the Consulate General of France to invite Pascale Peyret to create an original artwork, Empreintes, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the BSM and the 400th anniversary of the French presence in Ontario.

In the BSM’s spacious atrium, hundreds of carbonized wooden shoe lasts hang in a vast cloud. Each of these forms makes material the invisible footprints generated by our way of life, functioning as memories of our human activities which are recorded in the history of the planet. Francophone youth are invited to reflect on their carbon footprint; they will transcribe their comments, thoughts, and wishes on transparent labels which are then incorporated into the installation.

Pascale Peyret lives and works in Paris. Through the use of installations, photographs, videos, and sound, her work questions living memories between what is natural and what is manmade, highlighting the ambiguity of the links between nature and humans. Through her work, Pascale strives to challenge and surprise the public by playing with their perceptions of the outward appearance of things. For the implementation of this project, she joined forces with Martial Acquarone, who works in the South of France reviving the ancestral art of carbonization.


pascale (3)I chose to work with the idea of footprints and tracks as a way to celebrate both the French presence in Ontario and the Bata Shoe Museum.  Upon entering the permanent gallery at the Museum one finds evidence of footprints left by our bipedal ancestors.  I wonder about the traces that we leave behind, both real and invisible, the carbon footprint.
Pascale Peyret



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